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bmenBaptist Men On Mission

This group meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm, and is directed by Melvin Byler, for more info please contact us on the contact us link, or call Melvin at 270-348-4855.

Who We Are

Baptist Men On Mission (BMEN) are the men of the church taking seriously God’s call to be the husbands, fathers, mentors and churchmen who He has charged them to be. Being a godly man is the foundation to being a baptist man on mission, because a godly man will be a godly husband, a godly father, and a godly mentor.

The BMEN mission statement guides Baptist Men On Mission.

My mission as a Baptist Man On Mission is to:

  • Worship God with all my life.
  • Obey Christ by serving others through my church.
  • Resolve to build relationships that strengthen my family and my church.
  • Keep my commitment to join other men in God’s mission.

A Baptist Man On Mission is a Christian man 18 or older who:

  • Has experienced God in his life
  • Is called to take the Great Commission personally
  • Accepts and fulfills his role in his church’s Acts 1:8 strategy
  • Has accepted the BMEN mission statement to live an on-mission lifestyle